Miller FF 500/BL

With large multi-function display, 3 glass rulers (with one sensor each) and fastening elements.

Reasonable for repetitive machining: A second start point in addition to the zero point can be set anywhere. Most important computing functions:

  • Calculation and indication of a centre position
  • Basic arithmetic operations
  • Positioning of drill holes on any straight lines and circular paths
  • Milling of crooked planes
  • Milling of radii in different planes

    Technical data:
    Digital display 265 x 182 x 48mm for 110 - 230V. 50/60Hz. Glass rulers for travel distances: vertical (z-axis) 220mm, transverse (x-axis) 300mm, depth (y-axis) 100mm. With a 200cm metal-sheated plug connecting line to the display.

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