Cut off saw KG 50

Table moveable through 45°, allowing mitre cuts. Workpiece is fastened tightly and accurately by means of the integrated clamping device. Clamp jaws 27mm wide and maximum workpiece diameter 20mm. Depth of cut to 13mm. A special slot is provided to clamp HO model tracks. The fence accepts lengths up to 140mm. Five ceramic cutting discs 50 x 1.0 x 10mm are also included suitable for cutting steel, non-ferrous metals as well as wooden or plastic rods.

Technical Data:
230V. 85W. 50/60Hz. Peripheral speed 20m/sec. Weight approx. 1.5kg.

NO 27 150

Replacement cutting discs
Made of ceramic compound: 50% aluminium oxide and 50% silicon carbide. Suitable for cutting steel, non-ferrous metal as well as small wood and ceramic bars.

NO 28 152

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