Bench circular saw KS 230

The 'Super-Cut' saw blade (Ø 58mm) cuts soft wood up to a thickness of 8mm.

1- Graduated mitre stop.
2- Machined, die-cast aluminium table of 160 x 160mm.
3- Motor: low noise and persevering for prolonged use.
4- Base of ABS with a sawdust door on the right.
5- 'Super-Cut' blade (58mm diameter), 80 teeth, individually set and sharpened, is included.
6- Adjustable fence with scale.

Very important when sawing: use our vacuum cleaner adapter for a cleaner work environment. We recommend the use of our compact workshop vacuum cleaner CW-matic.

Low noise and persevering AC motor with high life expectancy. Power transmission by toothed belt ensures the right blade speed for the job with approx. a doubling of torque. Cutting performance in wood up to 8mm, plastics (also PERTINAX printed circuit boards) up to approx. 3mm, non-ferrous metals up to approx. 1.5mm. Even fibreglass reinforced PC cards can be cut by using a carbide saw blade. Adjustable mitre fence with scale. Angle stop with degree graduation. Flat-milled worktop of die-cast aluminium (160 x 160mm).

Technical data:
230V. 85 W. 8,000rpm. Weight approx 1.8kg.

NO 27 006

Power transmission by toothed belt via ball bearings, housed in sturdy casing, ensures the right blade speed for the job (approx. 5,000rpm) with a doubling of torque (approx.). Above all, it ensures good cutting depth.

Saw blades for bench circular saw KS 230

Crosscut 'Super-Cut' blade
58mm diameter (10mm bore). 80 alternately set teeth. Ideal for hard and soft wood as well as plastic and Pertinax. For fast, clean cuts. Teeth are individually set and sharpened. Superior cutting power!

NO 28 014

Solid carbide saw blade
50mm diameter (10mm bore). 0.5mm thick. Fine toothed: ideal for cutting fibreglass sheets up to 3mm, non-ferrous metals, duro-plastics and other 'difficult' materials.

NO 28 011

Diamond blade
50mm diameter (10mm bore). With 0.5mm layer of class 'D107' diamond for cutting ceramics, porcelain, tiles, stone as well as PC cards.

NO 28 012

Saw blade made of high-alloy special steel
50mm diameter (10mm bore). Alloy holding a high proportion of tungsten, vanadium and molybdenum for an even structure, high hardness and long lifetime. Fine-toothed. For very fine cuts in non-ferrous metals (aluminium, brass, copper). Also suitable for cutting compound materials like PC cards, and sawing wood and plastics.

NO 28 020

Tungsten tipped saw blade
50mm Ø x 1.1mm (10mm bore). 10 teeth. Used to cut hard and soft woods, PC cards, PERTINAX and aluminium.

NO 28 016

Tungsten tipped saw blade
50mm Ø x 1.1mm (10mm bore). 20 teeth. For extremely clean cuts of balsa, plywood. Can also be used for cutting PC cards and POLYCARBONATE.

NO 28 017

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